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How to

Control by smart phone

People can check its function on the smart phone.
Choose noises to playing and recording noises
aound them.

Biorhythm light

The surface of product show user’s biorhythm
with color lights. Easily see the user’s condition
of the day.

Check sleep pattern

The product record the noise around you when you
sleep at your bedroom and can check it on your

Check location

Each location would tell you what kind of noise you
are surrounded. GPS system will help you find where
it is.

Snap shots


  • Bathroom

    In the bathroom,
    you can relex and
    relieve your stress, listening sounds
    while bathing.
  • Living Room

    In the livingroom,
    you can read a book, and relax and
    relieve your stress while listening
    sounds on the couch
  • BedRoom

    The sound will help
    you deep sleep and
    also enhance your
    brain activity.Also,
    you can check your
    sleep pattern through
    the device.


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